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A proposal by President Lula

 “...this Conference also lauds an economist whose life and work embody the true spirit of the quest for development.

I refer to Celso Furtado.

The Brazilian government joins in this homage. I would at this moment like to propose the creation ofan international center for studies on development financing policies that will carry the name of Celso Furtado.
Each historical cycle has its own intellectual factory to serve as a strategic reference. 
We wish to see the creation of a center that irradiates innovative policies and projects to combat hunger, povertyand the bottlenecks of development.
My government is willing to provide all the support necessary for the construction of an international study and research foundation that fulfills these goals.
In this way we will help to build a new development agenda capable of facing the challenges of globalization...”
(Passage of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s speech at the inaugural ceremony of the XIth United Nations Conference on Trade and Development held on 14 June 2004, São Paulo).

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