Clóvis Cavalcanti foi eleito presidente da ISEE


Prof. David Barkin e prof. Clóvis Cavalcanti no
1º Congresso Internacional do Centro Celso Furtado. 2012.

Foto: Isabla Kassow/Centro Celso Furtado


O professor Clóvis Cavalcanti, sócio do Centro Celso Furtado, foi eleito presidente da Sociedade Internacional de Economia Ecológica (ISEE -  www.isecoeco.org ). Concorreu com David Barkin, do México, que em 2012 participou de sua mesa no congresso internacional do Centro Celso Furtado.

Leia a carta da ISEE sobre a eleição de Clóvis Cavalcanti.


"Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for allowing your names to be put forward for the ISEE Election.  The results were very close indeed, particularly for President-Elect, with only one vote between Clóvis Cavalcanti and David Barkin. However, history and the ISEE by-laws tell us that one vote is decisive (e.g. 1645: 1 vote gave control of England to Oliver Cromwell…) and we can now announce the successful candidates as follows:


President-Elect: Clóvis Cavalcanti 


7 Members of the Board :  

Joshua Farley (USA) / Brynhildur Davidsdottir (Islandia) / Rajeswari Raina (India) / Jesus Ramon-Martin (Equador) / Zhu Daijian (China) / Tatiana Kluvankova (Eslovaquia) / Eva Cudlinova (República Checa)


We hope very much that the candidates who did not prevail this time will remain involved and perhaps will agree to be co-opted into the various committees - there is much to be done, and your involvement will be greatly appreciated.



International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) 2016 Conference


Transforming the Economy: Sustaining Food, Water, Energy and Justice

Washington DC June 26 - 29, 2016


Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Sabine O'Hara

Anne C. Aitken

Managing Editor - Ecological Economics

Executive Director - ISEE"



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